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Why Choose BConnected Technologies?

Dedicated IT Staff 

BConnected Technology has a full-time IT team proactively monitoring technology. Quickly solving issues and providing less downtime to improve productivity.   install updates, patches, and software. This can allow you to focus on your business.


BConnected will manage your antivirus software, anti-spam software, and secure your sensitive information. And, as always, comply with PCI, HIPAA, and state regulations. We will keep you protected from cyber crime.

IT Strategy Planning

BConnected can help with developing yout IT strategy allowing you to budget for the right technology at the right time. We can also assist with developing your disaster recovery plan ensuring you are ready when disaster strikes. 

Cost Effective

Using BConnected can reduce your downtime while providing a predictable monthly IT spend. 

Extended IT Team

Already have an IT team? BConnected can take care of the daily work allowing your team to be laser focused on the latest technologies specific to your needs. Let us help your IT staff

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