November 12, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

H.J. Gruy and Associates, Inc. is pleased to recommend BConnected Technologies as an excellent source for telephone systems/technology.

Gruy recently moved to new office space and replaced its 20+ year old phone system. After research and deliberation, we selected Stuart Speer and BConnected Technologies to install our new system. BConnected’s rates were reasonable and competitive when compared to other bids we received. Stuart and his team were knowledgeable and helpful in presenting possible options and helping us select the system best suited for our office. Preparing for and leading up to the move, Stuart and Heather were available to answer any concerns or questions we voiced. Because of their professionalism and calm attitude, we had confidence that the installation in the new office space would go well.

In any technical situation, problems will arise. Stuart, Heather, Michael, Carlos and other team members were timely and efficient in addressing our needs. On the Saturday of our move, Heather worked in our new office to make sure all the telephones were ready to be used by the start of business on Monday. Even now, they check with us, by phone, email, and in person, to make sure we are working well with the new telephones. We experience patient, yet quick response time when BConnected is contacted for support. We believe we have an honest, trustworthy relationship with the team, assuring us BConnected will be there as needed.

Working with Stuart and his BConnected team has been a pleasure, and we look forward to working with them in the future as they provide quality support for our telephones/technology maintenance.

H.J. Gruy and Associates, Inc.
Marilyn Wilson
President / CEO